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Full Version: Easiest way to make money
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Which is the easiest way to make money without using any effort or much time?
Buy something from fiverr just for $5 and then sell it via any other channel in high price. Big Grin
I started making money by selling affiliate products promoting them through social networking sites.
Easy money making process is to sell product on OLX. Used products can be easily sell on olx which is very easy making money process.
What do you mean by OLX? What kind of website it is? Would you mind to explain it to us.
Can anyone tell me how to obtain loans or get fast cash online? Wink
1. Sale Big Items
If you have any skills in sales, landing a commission based job with a high rate is a cool way to earn big dollars. This skill benefits you a lot as you have to make deals with your clients to obtain a juicy profit, so this option is definitely personality-dependent.
However, if you are naturally skilled in sales, this type of job has a low barrier of entry and a high outlier of monetary success.

2. Start a Blog
You may laugh at this, but I speak from experience. I do have days where I make $5000, although I don’t make that much every single day from my blogs.
In addition, I know bloggers who consistently make a thousand or more a day from their blog.
Of course, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as a very good niche that you may monetize your blog based on.

3. Affiliate site content
When setting up an affiliate marketing site, there are two main approaches or business models to choose from:
- Resource Sites
- Review Sites
You have defined some awesome ways to make money which don't need big investments
Become an entrepreneur ! It is both rewarding and satisfying Smile
You will learn a lot of things in the process with every day being new and exciting.
There will be no boundaries or rules to abide by. You'll get to be the master of your destiny.
But, you would have learnt a lot and failures will not deter you. The ups and downs will make you stronger and will help you to tackle many of life's problems. You'll go on dreaming and will strive to bring those dreams to life, working harder than you ever expected from yourself.
Find solutions to the problems around you and the world will thank you for it. Who knows, your start up might be the next big thing.