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Full Version: What is the best method for ranking two-phase keywords?
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What is the best method for ranking two-phase keywords within three months?
Get links it's the simplest method.
Hey there!
So how do you come up with multiple, related keywords that will rank well?

Here are four different methods to help you find the right keywords:

1. Use Ubersuggest to find LSI keywords.
2. Use long-tailed keywords.
3. Use heading tags.
4. Use your meta description.
Here are seven techniques to help you quickly improve your ranking:

Use a keyword's less popular variant.
Make extensive use of keyword modifiers.
Your on-page optimization should be varied.
Go a step further than the competition.
Keep your focus away from advertising terms.
Purchase traffic.
Relevant links from authority sites.
(05-31-2022, 05:32 AM)soleseriouss Wrote: [ -> ]Relevant links from authority sites.

Assuming the article has demand. Will the content be enough?

And also how you are judging the pages which are referring are high authority sites?

Many things are to be considered here. Just saying we want to rank a keyword is easy without any further details.
Authority can be measured by High DA sites with relevancy.
(02-11-2022, 01:30 PM)mileageglobal Wrote: [ -> ]What is the best method for ranking two-phase keywords within three months?
You need to begin by laying the framework, then conduct your initial keyword research, think about the content, design it, improve it for the term, and finally publish it.
It also depends on the search volume and competition of the two phrase keywords.
(03-21-2022, 05:42 AM)myresellerhome Wrote: [ -> ]I try this method but its not ranking please tell any other way.
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