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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - December 2021
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Non English speaking traffic has become a headache now.. Whenevr the day it comes. It messes up the ecpm rates and also totally throttles out Discover.
Indeed.. Bots get filtered in the CF what everything else passes.
Again traffic is of low quality..40% traffic just sits..
(12-02-2021, 06:21 PM)vk_lord Wrote: [ -> ]Again traffic is of low quality..40% traffic just sits..

Google has stopped tweaking it's algorithm.. Bot activity is close to none.
It looks like that Google has stopped everything. Surprisingly no algo changes, even not small hints. And on the other hand traffic has drpped considerably with it.

It's not just the quality which is the issue here.
In my case. Quality is the main issue.
Review of games, hosting, appliances are a mess right.

We are only doing good. Because we have a loyal followers base here in UK.
Affiliate marketing has become very risky these days.
I don't know about you but our UK traffic is a big mess. 40% less than last week and allover 50-60% less than last year.

EU was a relief so far. But this morning it fell too. I am still counting by how much!!!
A big update from Google.

Major keywords which used get 1000 visitors per day have fallen to 40-50. Our niche is tech and softwares.
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