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Full Version: PPC and SEO, in the future
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As seeing how Google is evolving now-a-days. I am starting to worry that whether SEO will exist in the future or not. SEO is becoming more and more tough these days and where on the other side google is indirectly encouraging users to use more and more PPC.
Well this is a concern of many webmasters now. But I can assure you that paid advertisement may rise but they are not going to take the place of organic results. One thing that is constant in the case of SEO is that its changing always so we can expect that it will be evolving in the course of time as well.
Organic search is not to get extinct. So, SEO will be present in the future. Yeah, it may be hard but it will evolve with time.
No organic search will not get extinct, it is the basic of marketing as many of the users come to your site through organic search only. PPC is just to get instant traffic to your site.
PPC is the future of paid marketing. Both plays a crucial role in increasing traffic or ROI for any company.SEO Company in Delhi
Paid Search Vs Organic Searches

organic searches is always be in top because only 18 % Click Revived by the Paid Ads. And Rearming 82% Click is Revived by the Organic Result. The CTR for Paid ads is Less then 3 to 5 %. But the CTR of Organic Searches are 20-25 %

Now a day Organic SEO is an Long time Investing with Huge Result.
SEO won't die but it will evolve for good. PPC can't beat the real white hat SEO .
SEO is getting difficult but extinction of SEO is not really going to be happen because SEO is a way for getting organic result and it can be happen with SEO only. PPC is paid campaign everyone can't afford it, but ya PPC is also having a bright future.