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Full Version: What percentage of traffic to you get from Yahoo?
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What percentage of traffic to you guys get from Yahoo?
It will be 5-10% but that totally depends. On some months its higher than that and in some its lower.
Well 80% of the traffic is from Google and the rest are mixed traffic sources from social networking sites, bing, yahoo and other search engines. 2% from Yahoo to be said exactly.
My 85% traffic comes google alone on an average monthly basis. And the rest is mixed but atleast 5% traffic from bing and Yahoo.
I do get most of the traffic in google, as for yahoo it usually is 5%
Yahoo traffic is about 0-2% for me.
Last month I got about 8% of my search traffic from Yahoo. But Bing was at only 3%.
Mine is always about 30-40%, maybe because we target Japan