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Full Version: Buying targeted traffic
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After so much change in the Google algorithms I have lost a lot of traffic since the last few months. So, I am looking for affordable ad network to buy some targeted traffic. Google Adwords and Facebook Sponsored ads are good but they also cost much money. So, I need some alternatives.
Well in my opinion facebook ads are most lowest priced ads which can be relied on. But if you think that it is also excessive then I will suggest that go to the sites in your niche and ask the owners to buy direct ad spaces there. It may take some time but it will get you targeted traffic at the most lowest prices as you don't have to pay the ad network's commission.
Start by creating low budget campaigns first track and trial them. See how they are converting if it makes profit then you can go for the large money.
I think it will be better if you go through social media sites, it will give you good traffic and you can also use PPC on some of your keywords.
Paid traffic are only bot hits and its only an imaginary traffic in which in reality doesn't exist.