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Full Version: New Post Idea for Blog
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How to get a new post idea??
The basic way to get a new post idea is by running competitive analysis of the other blogs of your niche. Or you can go to your niche forums and see what questions are remaining unanswered. You can make posts on those uncleared topics in this way your content will be unique and will also get a positive marking by the search engines.
There are tons of ways to get ideas for new content. You could look at old PLR (private label rights) articles -- not to reuse their content, but for ideas and inspiration for new articles. You could use article directories such as e-zine for the same purpose. You could look at the blogs to which you are thinking of submitting, read the comments and see what questions people have, especially those that are not being answered. Finally, my favorite method is to go to Google News, type in your subject, and see all the news items to come up in your field. This will give you tons of ideas for timely, fresh content.
I basically read and study other blogs, try to make knowledge from books, news etc. Then i defenitely find something to write.