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Full Version: Increasing Conversion for an eCommerce Site
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So far we have done this. Rank for almost all main keywords in our blog's field. I am not saying the top position for all of them but most of them in our country.
Cleaned up all the link profile.
Do SEO for each and every product page. And also overall on-page SEO.
Actively participating and promoting in social media.
Guest post and market through forums to build authority.
Continuously build unique content and seek good backlinks from relevant pages.

Our conversions are so far good. We are making profit. But we want to increase it. What do your guys suggest?
Congrats man. Smile Its so good to hear a success story.

It looks like you have got it all covered but as you are trying to increase conversions so I will suggest that invest a small amount of money in PPC campaigns per week. Start with small budget and run some tests if you see that it is looking good then you can increase the investment amount.
Try using facebook sponsored ads. They are pretty good at a low price. And also try to gather email list of your clients and send them weekly newsletters about your products this can also increase conversions.
Invest in PPC a bit. I think it will be great as you have covered most of the field.