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Full Version: Conversion Strategy for eBook
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What are the probable conversion strategies that one can use in order to get sales in the case of an ebook? I mean 'free shipment' and 'limited edition' converting elements won't work here.
Well in this case you can say that the first 100 copies will be sold at the minimum price, then the second 100 will sold in half price and then the next buyers will have to pay full price for the book. This can create incentive. Or, you can give a all time discount or offer any kind of free product along with each sale.
Conversions strategy of an eBook should be same as any digital web based product. You cannot lure the buyers for free shipment here that's true but you can lure them to anything other than it.
Giving them in low prices or offering them free stuff may be an option. But in order to get healthy conversion you need to offer the product for free in order to build trust. So, give them a preview of first few pages of your book. This might help.