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Full Version: Good traffic from a High Comp niche but no Conversions
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I am getting pretty decent traffic in a niche which is very competitive atleast 2000 uv per day. But still I am seeing that the traffic is not turning into sales. What should I do?
Getting conversions from traffic. Okay!!! But many factors depend on it, can you tell is your traffic targeted or you are getting some random traffic? The traffic which you are getting is it enough large in comparison to your competitors? How much traffic did they are getting? Is your product worthy enough to make sales? etc. Give us some more details so we can see where the problem really is.
What are your traffic sources?
The traffic is mostly from social media channels and some of them are from google.
Traffic from social media channels are not guaranteed as targeted ones, may be you are getting anonymous traffic. Try to get more and more traffic from the search engines that should help you convert.