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Full Version: High CTR but no conversions
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In facebook I am running a couple of camapigns where I am promotion the affiliate products. I am getting almost about 8% CTR rate but as soon as they fall into the product page from fb they bounces leaving with no conversions. What should I do?
Are you saying that you are directing the leads directly to the affiliate product page? You must have a landing page for the visitors first then direct the visitors to the product page from it.
There can be one reason that the keywords which your are targeting in facebook for getting CTR's are not relevant to the product. So, check that out first.
In my opinion, as facebook has a lot of variety in its users you must target the audience which is right for you and not some anonymous crowd.
There could be many of reason for no conversion rate, reason could be you have a wrong landing page or the keyword your targeting is wrong, use some else keyword for targeting your user.