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Full Version: Traffic from AOL
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How to get more and more traffic from AOL? There traffic is good as compared to google, in terms of engagement. So, I was thinking if I can increase it.
One thing I am sure about aol is that its like Bing. they doesn't give much attention to other factors than content. So, build more and more useful & unique content.
Focus on content and quality backlinks. Its the only option. But don't think that you will get traffic overnight as it is a much small search engine as compared to Google and Bing so it will take time.
Why are you targeting AOL anyway? Instead you can get tons of traffic from Google and Bing.
Focus on content that's it.
anush Wrote:Focus on content that's it.
Yeah its true.
But quality links also get counted as I said earlier.
Traffic from AOL is great, as it is low
Quality backlinks from high authority pages also gets counted when it comes to AOL.