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Full Version: Sites to Advertise for maximum exposure
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Which are the sites that I should consider advertising into to get maximum exposure for my brand? I am not talking about a very targeted mass but a general age type mass from every country.
There are plenty of sites to advertise. Such as,
1. Facebook Sponsored Ads on facebook- It can target the audience according to the age and not to mention it has plenty of users in every country.

2. Twitter Sponsored Tweets- Just like facebook but good for conversions and targeting specific audience.

3. Youtube Ads- If you are trying to video marketing then obviously its the best choice. If not then also you can display banners ads. And you will convert well for sure. As just social media sites youtube has also got billions of users.

4. Gmail Ads -Many webmasters doesn't do this but I consider it as of great use. It may be not conventional but it has billions of users and also you can target the audience according to your requirements.

5. Direct advertising on SERP's- The direct advertisements on the SERP's has the most probability to convert. They may only be text ads but they are too good as users already interested in it comes looking for.