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Full Version: Identifying Toxic Links
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I usually get several links. People actually link back to my site, yeah they are no-follow mainly. So, I don't bother much about link building.

But few months back I got a bunch links from several sources through some purchases. After that my ranking improved. But now I am wondering that whether they are doing more harm than good?!

So, I have decided to use any good tool to identify and get rid of them. Which tool can successfully tell me that which link is good and which is bad?
It's simply stupid and not wise at all. To rely on any tool to tell you that which link is good and which is bad.

You have to use your own judgement for that. Or, any hired help will do.

Also, may I ask which is the source of your link purchase?

And also how are sure that these news links are responsible for any negative effect?

Moreover, you said that you usually get links. Right? Then why are you not judging those links? Maybe some of them are not no-follow and is actually responsible !!

Last but not the least, how do you even know that your site is being harmed?
Toxic backlinks commonly display signs of low quality or an attempt to manipulate rankings such as:

Coming from sites that have been set up only for the purpose of linking out.
Coming from sites and content which aren't topically relevant.
Coming from sites that aren't indexed by Google.
As, I said all was good at first then my rankings started to fall.

The link profile was checked by my SEO guy before I bought those links. So, I am pretty confident that those links which we got previously and also as of today are good. It's something in the links which I bought.

Got it. But is there any specific tool that can do the job for me?
No tool is going to do all the job for you. You have to judge those links by yourself or hire somebody to do it for you.

Links are a pretty tricky thing. If you do it wrong then probably you will be hurting yourself.

Just choose any tool such as ahref or semrush. And it will give you a solid idea about the link. Any tool will just provide you data.
Go with the Moz tool to check links.
Can you explain from where to buy links or not?
Anything that tells you "Come buy links from me", or "Come, get links from completely private network", pretty much anything that sell links are bound to get hit by any update or of such sort.
Moz & Search console can help us to find Toxic links!
Identifying the toxic links is easier by Semrush. It should not be ignored as sometimes your competitors practice negative SEO to your website and want to give some toxic links. So be careful of these and get rid of them with the help of Semrush.
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