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Full Version: Causes for Low Conversion Rate
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Over the course of time. I had been asked this question many times that why the conversion rate is low? I will be mentioning today the basic reasons behind low CRO.

1. In-sufficient Product Information - If you are selling something it may be an affiliate product or your own product, always provide the full information about the product.

2. Bad user Interface - User interface is a very critical element. The visitors will always tend to buy a product which has a good user interface of the product page.

3. No reviews - Your product will not get many sales if you don't have any reviews in your page. All of them may be not good but they are needed, remember that. It increases the trust of the product.

4. Cost - Non-rational product cost is also a factor. Just you have loyal audience who trusts you does not mean that to make more profit any term of money you can impose to them.

5. Bad Payment Gateway - What you will do? Ask yourself if you see a non-trusted payment gateway. Will you give your credit card information to them? Your answer will be 'no'. So, make the payment gateways as much as trustworthy.

6. Competitors prices - Keep track on your competitors also. If they can provide the same product at low cost than yours then you will be not making any sales.

7. Bad Customer Support - Customer support is very important. If you don't provide the best customer support, you will loose your customers. And they will never come back.

8. Assurance - If you are making any sale on your site then you must assure your visitors about that product by yourself. If you don't do that they are going to think that its just an ad in your site and they will move on. Some customers will even not notice it.
In addition, always provide the interesting information and benefits that they will acquired when they learn and apply the product or services but this will take an analysis and test to the target users before launching on the market.
Nice post 'Frank'. Very informative one. Wink
Hazy payment gateways are always bad and also products from pages which has low quality content.
Competitors prices is also an important element. Most marketers neglect it. Thanks for the mention Frank.
One of the reasons why the conversion rate is low is the consistency in targeting the audience as well as limiting the mediums for reaching the users.
Thanks for the valuable post.
steveposter Wrote:One of the reasons why the conversion rate is low is the consistency in targeting the audience as well as limiting the mediums for reaching the users.
Yeah, its a good point Steve.
Using low quality in-house testimonials or fakes can also be a very good for low conversions rate. Just wanted to add up.
Less professional or poorly designed landing and/or product sell page can be one. And also non-trusted payment gateway and payment processor can also be an element.
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