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Full Version: Which is the best possible way to do Guest Blogging?
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Many many users have many many opinion about this. Outreaching through emails, social media and other what not's.

Some will say we should offer money, some would say about links and some will pursue other offers.

But according to you guys which method works? Please share your experience.
Guest Blogging is super easy for reputable blogger's. Because people want their writings.

Otherwise, it is really hard. Yes, some offer money to get a link back. But I will tell you this, you should be focusing on the guest "piece" instead of the link. Whether you are doing the publishing or your piece is being published.

Coming to the point of links. If any link comes easily then simply it's not worth it. Wink

For me reaching out to bloggers personally works just fine. Whatever the medium may be social channels, emails, phone etc.
I don't offer money to get a link. Yes, sometimes it happens but not usually.

People who offer links in exchange of money, sooner or later ends up spamming their own site.

And coming to your query of guest posting. I will say whichever method works man !!
The best way to do guest posting is to find the sites that are relevant to your niche and doesn't ask for money in return. There are various high authority site who don't want money they only want quality content from you. So always prefer to do guest post on sites relevant to your niche, has low spam score, don't ask for money, and has good backlink profile.
You can easily get the guest posting sites with search some queries, "write for us", etc. You can also contact bloggers personally.
Free & quick listing will be prefered.
(08-23-2021, 12:10 PM)np.carzspa Wrote: [ -> ]Free & quick listing will be prefered.

'Free & quick listing'... Ohh man !!! You are surely gonna get bombarded with spam. Tongue Big Grin
By offering the money for the guest posts, you get links readily but, they are not permanent so try to gain links for free.

You can get guest in some facebook groups also. There are lots of guest blogging groups available on the Facebook.
Tried but the success ratio is low in this outreaching!
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