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Full Version: Top Content Marketing Blogs of 2016
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Which are the best blogs of content marketing? Where I can learn it quite thoroughly.
I will strongly recommend 'Content Marketing Institute' & 'Top Rank Blog'. Those are the best.
I think for beginners 'Copyblogger', 'Dailyblogtips', 'webinknow' are pretty good to learn content marketing.
Try following 'Kissmetrics' blog. Its a good one. I personally follow it myself.
I think 'Quicksprout' by Neil Patel and 'Jeffbullas Blog' by Jeff Bullas are the best content marketing blogs for newbies.
I think 'shoutmeloud' and 'dailyblogtips' are the best blogs for beginners.


1 Convince and Convert Social Media
2 TopRank Blog Online Marketing
3 Brian Solis Social Media/Public Relations
4 Conversation Agent Marketing – General
5 Marketing Experiments Research
According to me kissmetrics blog is the best content marketing blogs for the beginners.
I think Copyblogger is one of the most top one. Its very useful and provides quality information with details.