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Full Version: Conversion rate not increasing after using Adwords
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Previously, I was using facebook ads and SMO for conversions. Then in order to increase my conversion rates I started using Google Adwords but still they are the same. I am still using the previous means of outreach as well.
My be you are not doing it right. Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are both advertisement platform but still they have got their differences. Target keywords which are good, change them once in a while, try high competitive keywords also. You are getting conversions from facebook ads that means your landing page is fine, you just need to focus on your Adwords campaign alone to increase your conversions.
The reason that there are no changes in using these method is that the improper implementation. The advertiser must study the competition first then consider the needs and expectations of the target users.
Its clear that you are not doing it the right. Check and double check whether or not you are targeting the right audience.