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Full Version: SMS Marketing for Mobile App Promotion
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Will SMS Marketing be a good idea to promote a new Mobile App?
I will say that you can give it a try but don't invest too much at the beginning. Make some small campaigns see what happens. Wink
I have tried SMS Marketing and failed most at the time so I will say that go for some another means of outreach. Sad
If you ask me SMS Marketing does not work unless if you have loyal audience and they have subscribed to your SMS's.
Marketing SMS mobile attract consummers, benefit
Yes!! definitely Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the best way to do Mobile Application promotion. Which attracts huge number of audience without paying much.
Yes, ofcourse you can try this. In the sms you can send the download link of that mobile app.
It will only be effective if you have an established audience, if not, it won't. First build audience and market afterwards.
SMS Marketing will not able to provide you much of downloads, the best way to get the maximum of downloads for your app is to do its
APP Store Optimization. It helps you by getting the maximum number of downloads.