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Digital marketing is the type of marketing which is done by any form of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones etc. In our present day to day life, all types of electronic devices are nondetachable, so marketers and product sellers use this marketing to sell their products. Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social Media Marketing all falls in this category.

Types of Digital Marketing
1. Pull Digital Marketing: This is the type of digital marketing where the consumers or the audience reaches the product sellers through different kind of electronic mediums. Suppose any person visits a site and from there through an affiliate link or advertisement link the user reaches the product seller, then it will be a Pull Digital Marketing.
2. Push Digital Marketing: This the type of marketing is totally opposite to Pull type. In this digital marketing you pushes the customers to visit to the product seller's brand or site, and then to make a purchase or review it. Email Marketing, RSS feed etc falls into this category.

Digital Marketing over the Traditional forms of Marketing
As, i had said earlier also, today in the present day world we are always surrounded by electronic devices which cannot be detached from our lives, so its easy to use the internet revolution in the form of digital marketing to get sells. Traditional Marketings such as distributing leaflets, press releases, creating campaigns etc are also good these days but marketing have become more easy in the 'form' of 'digital' which are social media or simple text messages.
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Digital marketing is the marketing technique that used to promote a website in the digital world in also digital form like on the internet. In other word we can say internet marketing in same digital marketing. This is a modern form of internet marketing.

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