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Full Version: Checking KW Volume of Competitor's [Poll]
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Which is the best tool to do it? Specially when you are looking to check competition.
Ahrefs will be the safe bet.  Cool
I don't know what is the purpose of this question.. Any good kw tool should tell you this like the wordtracker or ahref.
Yeah Ahref is good tool , you can also use MOZ
(05-10-2021, 05:50 AM)dazzle Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah Ahref is good tool , you can also use MOZ

Have tried Moz it's even worse !! Totally reports outdated data. Sad
Any paid tool will be more than enough. Such as the Ahref.

People used to rely on Google kw planner once. But Google became greedy and started charging people as ad campaign's in exchange for kw data which changed the industry drastically & fast.
Google keyword planner would be the first choice but you need a google account with AdSense to be able to maximize the usage of the tool by providing you the specific numbers of keyword volume in each respected region.