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Full Version: Email List that can actually get conversions
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If I give away free stuff or something like that then I will get signups for sure. But is that list actually worth it. I mean they are not going to buy anything from me when I send them newsletters. They are here just for the free stuff. So, how do you members suggest to build an email list that actually gets conversions?
Try to build you list then without giving free stuff then. Grow rich content in your site and let the subscribers roll in organically. Wink
Free stuff are good for signups. That's for sure but for getting conversions they are not enough. Insightful and helpful content can help you grow your list organically. Only that list will get you the maximum conversions. Once you get the signups don't send them email on the first hand to buy something. Send newsletters, useful information, once you get a proper response then you can proceed towards selling stuff.
Building list organically through great content is the best ideas. Otherwise, conversions won't be good. Loyal subscribers only buy through emails keep that in mind.