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Full Version: Does VPN blocks Affiliate Banners?
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Does it happen? As many users who are using VPN, I am seeing terrible impression rate and worse CTR.
It is more likely to get blocked by an Adblocker rather than by a VPN. And VPN's usually show all of the webpage if they can load. Yeah, some pop-ups may create a problem or bad user experience. But then also they are fine if they don't show a 404.

You have to check for another angle, I guess. If VPN's were the issue then majority of the Affiliate programs would have faced this kind of problem.
No, instead VPNs help affiliate marketers work with offers from different GEOs.
Hello Vpn does not block affiliate banners. If it blocks it more by Adblocker VPN nothing should block, I also used affiliate banners and nothing blocked