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Full Version: $1 or $2 for each 500 word article, What do you guys say?
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Every now and then I see some forum posts in the common marketplaces and also in social media channels like this.

When some writers charge thousands of dollars for content writing then how come these writers are able to write articles at such cheap prices??

No, I am not looking to hire content writers. If anybody is thinking about it.. Cool

But I am just curious.
As, per my experience.. They are just copy and paste writers.

Cheap reviews copies, fake opinion creation, creating positive or in many cases negative feedbacks are the main jobs that gets done by these.

These people are not real writers. Yes, they fall into this category yes. But they have a totally different demand and also customers. Tongue
As per my understanding they comes in all price tags. The people who charge a dollar or maybe two are the ones who do not actually write any copy but use any tool to do it. Or, maybe it can be also the case where you need a ton of copies without much variation.Tongue