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Full Version: Some of the Big Marketing Blogs are just FAKES !!!
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Some of the big marketing and/or conversion (or making sales) blogs are just fakes.. Why??

Simply because they don't provide you with any information that can be stated as 'Actionable'.

They just move around the topic, on & on, back & forth... And don't provide you the real information that you are dying to know.. In order to get that piece of information you have to subscribe or register which doesn't usually comes in cheap.

Now some might say that it is controversial and they are just doing business. I know it is true. But that doesn't make it right. Atleast provide some information and then ask for money for the rest.. Dodgy

Every niche has these kind of sites. But in marketing niche it's off the roof. Almost all major sites are either FAKE or just provide you bogus information.. Huh
I feel your pain.. It's just frustrating.. The thing is that this niche is flooded with spammers and also with fake experts.. So, the big sites are just playing smart..Tongue
Then how about user experience. I know about spammers and fake experts. But what they are doing is just fooling and loosing trust of common audience.
As the number of internet users are growing exponentially every year. I highly doubt that these big sites are loosing any credibility.

Yeah, maybe in the very long run. Say about 10-15 years. But till then they are fine.

And talking about user experience. Majority of these sites don't spend much thought in it. Rather they would concentrate on sales.
Have you seen N.Patel's blog. Those sites doesn't provide absolutely nothing. I know a ton of people who though that those blogs were useful then after some time they completely changed their opinion.

And those people were used to be regular readers.
And yet the total user base of Patels blog's remains the same. That's because more and more users are pouring in everyday.
Maybe you are right. We will just have to wait and see how these blogs perform in the future.
Yeah, you all guys are right these are misleading because they apply the strategies to their own running articles and get a good amount of users, already on the website. So what they do is user retention. And I think sometimes you need to left those things & try your own stuff.