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Full Version: Pros and Cons of Ad Networks
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I have a small blog which is getting decent amount of traffic from quite along time (6 months). My content in my site are super relevant to my niche, yeah it may take some to update my blog (2 times a month most) but I make sure my visitors are all along comfortable to my site. I starting to interest in making some money from it. So, if anybody will give me some specifics about the pros and cons of using an ad network for monetizing any site will be very grateful.
Let me be clear with you mate. Ad networks are very easy to use once you get approved and they can make you a quite a lot of money but you will never get a guarantee that the ads will be accurately relevant to your site. As you have said that you emphasize on making everything relevant so the ad networks may be not so much good for you. Instead you can go for private advertising.
If you are getting good amount of traffic then why don't you go for direct ad selling. They will earn you more than any ad networks as you don't have to pay their commission.