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Full Version: What are the best possible ways to promote a Local Store which sells fruits?
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Now you guys may be wondering what's need for that because a general leaflets will do..

The reason is that these fruits are exotic and expensive. They can only be purchased by well funded customers.
What's the need for going online anyway?? If a general newspaper ad gets the job done..

Anyway, you can start small through fb ads.
Yeah brochures can be effective. Moreover you can run targeted social media ads.
Looking for ways to promote it digitally?
(07-08-2022, 07:18 AM)soleseriouss Wrote: [ -> ]Looking for ways to promote it digitally?

Doing targeted SM ads now.. Since then sales have increased gradually.

But fruits were creating problem for the clients.. Since, they gets damaged quickly.

So, now doing simple burst ad campaigns.
Transportation may cause issues and should be done properly to increase business sales. Damaged fruits can leave a negative impression on customers.
Utilize mass media social marketing campaigns to promote fruit and vegetable consumption. Emphasize menu labeling in restaurants. Utilize effective placement and pricing strategies in grocery stores, convenience stores, and schools. Support farm-to-table programs and local farmers' markets.
it cab be promoted using social media marketing.