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Full Version: Which is the best Cloud Hosting to host an App ?!
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Which is the best Cloud Hosting company to host an app? With all the containers and facility to increase the storage dramatically overnight..

And also no b*llsh*ting about anonymity !!
Digital Ocean or Linode.. Go as you please..

Apparently I am seeing a trend here. People asking these type of queries very often now.
Chemicloud is also a good option. But I don't know what they will offer on your storage demand.

But low budget apps seems to work fine with them.
It is good indeed. But CC doesn't meet my requirements.

What do you say about Cloudways?
In my opinion they are fine. But their support needs some improvements.

Providing support doesn't necessarily mean that just getting in contact with the service provider. But also the fact that 'problems getting resolved' quickly.
CW is basically gift wrapping the services of DO and Linode. And selling them.

So, I agree with here. Indeed their services need to improve.