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Full Version: Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - February 2021
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@limbo Why wouldn't anybody panic?

Just after two days of normalcy. Again today Google started massive traffic to non-existent pages. They are basically zombie traffic.

Now they are eating up the bandwidth, aren't they?
Today I saw these type of strange traffic too. @mediadrug

The odd thing is they lasted an hour or two. Whereas in previous times they were only for a couple of minutes or so.
30% lower traffic as compared to last year from the Western Hemisphere. Sad

Anyway, real-time data of analytics is also seems to be broken.
@mediadrug Analytics is broken since December. Many people didn't noticed it because the error were too minor.

And in the case of traffic my situation is same as yours.
@nehal91 That's an understatement now. I have moved to Clicky for real time.

Anyway, everything is cooling off. Looks like this time this is it.
@supaul I don't agree with that.

@mediadrug I have panicked. So, you are not alone.

And again GSC seems to be broken.
@davids Traffic is indeed coming back. But conversions are still at the lowest.
Some are talking about zombies. But I am not seeing that type of traffic.

On other note real traffic is low.
For me it's average. Overall traffic is increasing day by day.

Anyway, why all of a sudden SERP's are totally filled with ads. It's like organic results doesn't exists.
Maybe @davids

Today many kw's are seeing major fluctuations. And also massive bot activity.. I can only guess about what's coming.
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