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Full Version: What's the best ad network to go for Online Gambling?
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Yes you guys heard it correct. I have recently purchased a site it's a local one. But since it's gambling I am hesitant to use my current accounts. What if they gets banned!

So, which will be the best possible ad network for me
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As you know I am not an expert. But this I can assure you that Google is the best possible option you can get.

Yeah they can be tricky but it's worth it.

And if it's specifically for online audience then go for paid fb ads too. Currently I am have been studying the ad networks. And I am seeing a lot of ad campaigns to run in fb.
You can always create a second account and run the campaign from it.

But I think it's preferable that you target audience from social channels. And also run a CPA campaign. In this way you will have to pay only if the audience does take action and not everytime if anybody clicks on the ad.
If you are interested in traffic generated from videos. Then PM me.

But I have to warn you that they can be very disappointing at some times. As the audience is not so much super targeted.