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Full Version: Is Facebook good for Affiliate Marketing?
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Is Facebook good for doing affiliate marketing instead of building a site? I mean I here many of the webmasters doing it by building page and groups. What's your say?
Well building a separate site for your affiliate products is always a good option but if you want to go for facebook then it is also ok. For selling affiliate products you will only need a decent followers base its not the number that count. And also it won't work if your ask your family members, co-workers or friends to join as because if they are not interested then they will be no good. Try to build an audience first and then go for it. And also if you can connect with your followers via other social networking sites and medium then its more good. Because in this way you will build a strong relationship which means trust and in turn you will get sales. Big Grin
As just like 'Admin' mentioned you won't succeed if you don't have a loyal followers base who are actually interested. Try to create more and more engaging conversations and give interesting updates to your fans. If they one of them goes viral then you will get a ton of new followers who will be interested in your product.
In order to get affiliate sales your followers base must be more than 10k otherwise it won't work. Well that's only opinion.