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Along with Analytics what stat service do you guys use?
Recently, I am facing many problems with analytics. In many cases, as it can't even filter out bots from regular visits. And also there is the fact that Google has decided to flood the metrics (I don't know how?!) by bot-direct traffic.

So, I talked to some of my fellow site owners regarding the performance of analytics. Turns out I am the only one using analytics as a sole stat viewer.

What service do you guys use along with anaytics?
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@spidy29 Haven't you asked them what they use?
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I have and most of them have referred Clicky. But here is the problem. It's good but its best for real-time stat. Which is fine by me. But I am personally looking for something that can entirely replace analytics as a whole.
@spidy29 I am just here assuming that you understand the concept. Analytics is an enterprise level service which is provided by Google for free.

Now in order to replace it. You will have to spend money because most of the companies (for free) will provide limited stat service or will provide the services for limited time!!

Anyway, go check out Matomo. Its liked by most. And also OpenWebAnalytics which is an open source service.
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