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Which niche can get the most direct advertisements?
@dazzle Direct ads to those niche yes. But in terms of creating opportunities I am not so sure.

Because many time it has been seen that ads comes in small campaigns of merely a few cents.
It is everywhere you want to be. It is not important to choose an appropriate niche but, comparing with the rivals you can choose. It is more beneficial rather than randomly choosing. If you will do great work on it then you will definitely get the most direct advertisements. As the niche market is very big. I can further add that there are some common ways to define niche are geographics, psychographics, demographics, price, and level of quality.
I think after this pandemic people have started working on their health and fitness. During the lockdown, they have also learned investment and finance-related things. So in my opinion the health and fitness and finance-related niche are in high demand for now.
(09-23-2020, 07:36 AM)nick23 Wrote: I know its a bit odd query. But I was wondering which niche would be it?

And also will most direct advertisements means more opportunities for the niche, right?
Hello Nick23,Education and tech are the best niche for direct advertisements.

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