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Local Ranking
Keep these three things in mind wjhile you do local SEO:

1. Steal your competitors’ keywords
Chances are good that most of your traffic will come from searches that are driven by specific types of keywords.
I’m not talking about any old keywords. I’m talking about keywords that are unique to your niche and your location.

2. Get in the local pack
There are a few places that people tend to look when they’re searching on Google.
The first result (page one, position one) is one of those places.
But there’s some prime Google real estate that can get you tons of clicks. And if you play your cards right, you can get your business featured here.
I’m talking about something called the local pack.

3. Make a Mobile friendly website
Basically, Google is indexing sites based on mobile friendliness.
If your site isn’t mobile friendly but your competitor’s site is, you’ll lose out because they will rank better than you.

These 3 tactics will help you in SEO.
(07-06-2020, 10:35 AM)Andrew77 Wrote: Hi Everyone, 

Hope you doing well,

Will you please guide me except business listing what I can do to bring local ranking in top three.
You can do social bookmarking and blog writing which will surely help you.
if you want to increase your local business awareness shortly, you can post local classified ads. you can do local SEO to your website. Use the social media site and post daily. Follow daily local people on your account.
First, as others have said, you need to claim your business listings on Google My Business and Bing Places.
Complete the profiles fully, add posts regularly, and respond to reviews that you get to keep your page activity up.

Then you will want to conduct content gap analysis between your sites and competitors, and creating new pages for keyword phrases that they show up for which you don't. This is important, because a lot of times GMB listings will display a message saying "this business listings website mentions "SEARCH_PHRASE" on their website.

Once you've improved your keyword coverage, you'll want to shift gears to building business listing citations in relevant directories, and building backlinks to improve your sites overall authority. Make sure your business NAP (name, address, phone #) is consistent across all listings.
Perform on-page activities that enhance the readability of your website and make it more effective and Off-Page performs like link building, Social Bookmarking, and more.

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