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Don't know how to target and gather email addresses!!
We have developed a product which will be helpful who doesn't have an expertise in programming or trying to start as a newbie programmer. But I don't know how to successfully target the audience and also gather their email addresses so I can sell our product.
So, you are already clear about your audience. Good!! Now just target where they reside. Create a landing page for you product and then start sending those audience into it. From LP you can either direct them to your product or you can just collect their emails for future use.
The most difficult stage of the email campaign is a collection of the contact list. For someone, the mission to get a high-quality database in short terms turns out to be impossible. It takes a lot of time to collect addresses by themselves. But buying the ready variant is risky. Is it really so?

3 ways to collect emails

From the most difficult to the easiest:

- Attracting the mass mailing subscribers with the help of the web form. This method is universal, but very slowly. You can fasten it with the help of lead-magnet. Create a useful piece of content which a user will get in exchange for his email. And you should do this at least 2 months before the campaign in order to have time for collecting enough addresses.

- Extracting with the help of parsers is much faster. Instead of several weeks or months, it will take only a few hours.

- Buying a ready-made email database. This is the way which requires the least time and effort. Many people are tempted by the opportunity to get the contact list at once. Just a few clicks and a base is yours. But is it worth it? I think no, because such lists consist of invalid email addresses. That’s why your mailing gets a high bounce rate, and you will be blocked.

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