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Can too many redirects hurt a site?
Say, if a site has too many 301 redirects in it. Then can it cause to loose ranks in the SERP's?
It all comes down to relevancy and need. As long as the situation is favorable for the redirects, a proper redirect no matter how many times present in a page wouldn't hurt a thing.
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What are we discussing here anyway? Are the redirects within the site or goes back forth to other sites too??

Anyway, it doesn't matter as Frank suggested earlier. Relevant redirects with proper codes so that the links won't break before throwing the users to the new page, are always good. Their number won't matter.
There are no limits in using 301 redirects on a site. You can implement more than 100k of 301 redirects without getting any penalty. But: Too many 301 redirects put unnecessary load on the server and reduce speed.
If you do anything forcefully, that is not allowed in SEO.
(04-06-2020, 09:26 AM)mandiradebnath Wrote: If you do anything forcefully, that is not allowed in SEO.

There is no such rule.
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For this question i can clear this confusion very well because i have done thousands of redirection in single website. And also done 100+ redirect with same page. Its my experience that after thousands of redirection I had been achieved my target pages on top 5 in Google SERP.
Too many is a subjective word. How much for you is too many?
If you have a limited number of redirects then it may not hurt your website.
Also, ensure that you are redirecting to a relevant webpage. If the content is fresh and relevant then your SEO would not be hurt much.
But, don't do too much of redirects.
Too many 301 Redirects can hurt your website. 301's also dampened site performance, which can be detrimental to both user experience, and page rank. If you have an equivalent piece of content that matches the page you're replacing well, then a 301 redirect is usually your best option.
Yes it ruins your seo badly.

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