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How to transfer emails from one hosting provider to another?
I have been researching for this but haven't found any solid article or info regarding this. I know this is not super relevant to post this thread in this forum but since here are some experts so Maybe anyone can help me.
Well I changed my hosting last year for couple of sites. And in some of them the emails needed to be transferred. So, I contacted the new hosting of mine to do that (you know all the email settings and configuration).

You can also just download from your cPanel and just upload it to the new one, if it uses the same. But if there is something that you don't understand or don't know how to do regarding the transfer its better that you contact your new hosting provider right away.
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Create backup through cPanel and for settings related and successful transfer, contact your hosting company. Most companies handles these kind of things free of cost for the first time.
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Alright thanks guys. For the info.

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