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Targeting keywords that matters
Targeting keywords is a very hard thing for me. Keywords which can get good conversions are very high competitive. How should one target keywords that really matters and conversions from it?
It is not true that if the competition is high then you will never get ranked well. It can also be done.
As, you are asking about keywords that matters I will suggest that if your desired keyword has high competition then don't go for it if you can't fight your competitors in the SERP's. Try the alternate keywords use google search and google adwords tools to determine those. Once you have found a good set of alternatives then choose wisely from them, they might have little less value than the original one but if they have less competition then it will be easier to rank. Check out their present trends also you can use Google trends or some other service to do the task. Any keyword which is of rising trend will have much value. And if you see a keyword which is currently hot in trends then it will have high competition in general but if you see there is scope to get ranked by content loopholes of your competitors then I will say go for it.
You can also target the long tail version of each high competitive keyword. Suppose, say you want to target the keyword 'email marketing' which is a very high competitive one. But instead of iot if you try such as 'affordable email marketing' or 'cheap email marketing' then their competition are not so high and you can get ranked well easily.

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