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[REVIEWED] Citadel of Thoughts
1. Title - Citadel of Thoughts
2. URL - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
3. Category - Lifestyle/Creative/Personal
4. Site Type - (For example : Forum / Blog / Site) BLOG
5. Description - This is my personal blog where I write about different things regarding different topics.

I've had this blog for over a year but I've only recently started to take it seriously and post regularly. I am open to all constructive criticism please. Thanks for your help.

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Domain Authority - 1
Page Authority - 1
Majestic Citation Flow - 18
Majestic Trust Flow - 11
Ahref url Rank - 13
Ahref Domain Rank - 33
Backlink count (referring domains) according to Ahref - 5

Problems & Recommended Measures:

I can see that your domain is only a month old and you have got posts which are old about one year. So, you were using a free blogging platform (my guess blogspot) and now have bought it under a paid domain & hosting.

- As you are now not using any free platform so change your theme and templates first. It does not matter that you must buy a premium theme for it, you can also use a free one. There are plenty of free themes in the internet which will be suitable for your blog. The current theme and template are basically good but they are tremendously effecting the loading speed of your site and also if you set a customized theme then your blog will look more professional.

- Now coming to on-page optimization factors. Your site lacks meta description which is not good at all. Select and publish a suitable meta description for your site which reflects the true objective of your blog in one or two sentence.

- Your blog lacks these : Privacy Policy , separate Contact Page, Terms of Use, About Us and/or Me, Sitemap. Try to build each separate page for these items. Your current pages like Literature, Foodie, Heath etc are categories of your blog. So my suggestion is to remove them from header separate pages and make a list of your categories in the right hand column of your blog. As, the contact page in the right hand will become a separate page so remove it from there.

- Your content is good but its too light. Try to make longer posts. Although there is no such thing that how much length a blog post can be but try to make your posts at-least 500 characters long. I am also seeing that your entire posts are shown in the homepage only. For home page show only three to four lines of text or a preview image & show the rest of your post under 'Read More' section. In this way you can reduce your bounce rate tremendously.

- Have you submitted your site in the Search Engines? If not then do it ASAP by using Webmasters Tools of Google and Bing. As I can see that you have a well build robots.txt file and .xml file sitemap so submitting your blog shouldn't be a problem.

- Now coming to off-page factors. Your site lacks tremendously backlinks. So, try to build quality backlinks from other sites of your niche or related niches. As, your blog is of very common niche it wouldn't be a problem to find other sites (blogs and forums) in your niche. Guest post in other blogs it will help you to gain some good quality backlinks. Links from forums are mainly no-follow but there are some forums which provide do-follow links also, try to get those. Forum links may not pass much link juice to get you ranked in the SERP's but they are very good medium to reach your targeted audience and build authority in your niche.

- Outreach of your blog is also very important. Your social shares are very low so try to engage more and more people in the social media channels. Your site does not have any social share buttons so add them. If people like your content so they can share it quickly. Submit your blog to different social bookmarking sites. It will give you a pretty good outreach and also if your content is good then you can also earn links from them. Here is a good list of social bookmarking sites : <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=59&t=740</a><!-- l -->

And atlast I will say that always try to build unique and as much as helpful content. If people don't get information out of your blog then they will never visit back. So, focus mainly on building content. I hope these terms will help you. If you have any other query then just post.

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