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How to build more and more content for an online community?
How to build more and more content for an online community?
If you don't have enough ideas to build content then maybe you should not be managing an online community. Marketing and growing a community is not a joke. It takes extreme hard work along with much needed patience.
You should visit the Forum Management section here. I am sure you will find it useful.
The general idea for building content for a community is to brainstorm every now and then. Whenever you get time. You got an idea, take note in your mobile or write it down somewhere.

To quickly get ideas I suggest you visit sites like reddit. Tons of ideas can be generated if you just interact with your like minded people.
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Check other forums for first instance how they are doing. Once you know where you can get the best version of information. You just have to create topic on it, for it or about it.
The thing is you can pull content from anywhere. Reddit, Quora, other forums, blogs, journals. Just write it in your own words and it will be unique.
Its a continuous process. People devote a great deal of time and effort in it. Many sites recruit teams to do it.
Social media is the best platform for this process. Here you can get more online audience for more your content. On social media, you can grow your content awareness shortly.

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