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Which Keyword tool shows the most accurate data?
Any suggestions? I got my kw's check by a friend. And in all kw tools, everytime they show differently.
I am not an expert but I will do say this that don't check in with more than one tool, you will get confused. Just choose one main stream reliable tool and stick with it.
Can you suggest me? Which one should I choose?
Choose anything you like. Wordtracker is for general and longtailpro for long tail keywords, are regular choices.
The thing is I don't wanna use more than one tool.
Use plain and simple wordtracker then.
Ubersuggest and SEMRush shows accurate data for keywords.
Most of thhe keyword tools today are not always accurate when it comes to data so its not the basis but a guide for your keyword research analysis. Try search engines as your basis and you will know further.
Here i suggest first of all google adwords (this is paid tools by google). this help us to find best keyword and one of most freetool is "Keyword everywhere" and other best popular is MOZ and AHREF tools also You can use for Keyword and onpage, Off page seo technique

according to me Google keyword planner is the best keyword research tool. it produces good results with KW difficulty and Competition. other tools like semrush, ubersuggest are also doing good.

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