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Automating Cold Emails
Often marketers use services to automate the mail to send to cold emails. Which provider do you guys prefer and why?
Saleshandy has proven to be extremely helpful in this type of situations.

It basically uses the user email account to send emails. Say, the user uploaded an email to saleshandy then it will automatically start sending emails according to the email body it is provided.

If someone fails to give reply to emails then it will send follow-up emails and also if someone do give reply then it will automatically stop sending follow-up emails.
Almost all ESP's provide a feature in which you can schedule emails.

But not all of them features where you can send auto-follow up emails if necessary, you know in case the receiver don't respond to your mails in the first place.

Some of the good ones are Mixmax, Klenty, Saleshandy. You can choose from any of these.

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