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Is Content Marketing going to die?
Is Content Marketing going to die? As google has killed sites like ezine where people used to submit their articles for traffic and exposure.

I know its not a forum of content marketing but I think content is a major part of marketing itself so I posted this article on this sub-forum. I hope that moderators won't move this.
Fine!! Okay mate I won't move it.

Now coming to your question. Yes google has killed most of them. But content marketing isn't going to die. You can still do it by producing valuable content in your own site or publishing content in some else's site (guest posting). Yes its true that sites like ezine have lost their previous glory. But there are plenty of other platform where you can submit posts casually and get great exposure.

Mass answering sites such as Quora, reddit which is a great platform if you can handle it right. Linkedin content publishing platform is also a good one. And last but not the least good closed groups of facebook. They might not look like much but if you do it right then they can drive a ton of targeted traffic as well.
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Content is information. Which is the sole reason people surf the net so no its not going to die. And yeah may be sites like ezine won't exist anymore but there will be other forms and platforms.

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