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Developing Content for your Forum
Forum is all about content. A forum which does not much content cannot survive no matter what niche it is in. I have come across many query these days that what type of content or the procedure of content development for a new forum. So, today I will be trying to write about some points here.

Tutorials: Most of the forum I had joined in my entire career is for a tutorial type article in it. You guys may be wondering what I am saying. Let me explain it to you. Suppose, I am searching for something which includes 'step by step guide'. I found a very good one in a forum. As, impressed by the article I visited the related sub-forums and articles of it which made even more impressed. As a result of that good impression I joined the forum.

Try to build atleast two to three tutorials and step by step guide type posts in each and every sub-forum of your board at the first. Make them sticky posts if you think that they are really important. This helps tremendously for your board to give it a strong content structure.

Discussions of common type: Discussion type posts are the most popular and common type in the message boards. When you starts a forum it needs a basic structure of discussions that includes all the debatable areas of your niche. They may be not out of the box but still there need cannot be denied. Build those common discussion type posts in order to organize a stable structure for your forum. These will work as food for your new members where they can post easily without much experience as these are very common topics.
Viral Discussions: Discussions about present trend or debates that can trigger emotion are always helpful for a forum to grow quickly. These type of discussions can go viral creating a lot of activity in your forum. But while creating them always remember that don't make any irrelevant post otherwise it may backfire.

Problem solvers: In every forum there are some areas that people don't discuss much more because they need extreme preciseness to solve the problems in those areas. Try to locate those ares in your field and solve them for your members and viewers. Offer them free help. It will gain you immense trust and more activity in your forum.

Casual Topics: 'Its a message board' that's right. But that does not mean that you have to discuss extreme by profession discussions always. Try to make some casual discussions also, ask the member about their review or point of views of any product or service in your niche. Give them some area to freely express their feelings and thoughts. It will increase tremendously the sense of community in your new forum.
These are all good points. I just wanted to add some here.

- Creating topics, discussion and tutorials are not always enough to grow a forum. You can also try some free services to give while others are getting paid for that. It can create a huge impact over the audience in your niche. It will be like content marketing where you give valuable content for free and expect from the audience to rely on you and your site in a long term basis increasing your trustworthiness.

- Premium sub-forums can also be helpful. But it needs to be done when your forum has already some exposure. Paid and/or premium forums creates curiosity to the general members. And, in turn it will increase their engagement to your forum more.
Content posting in forum to start a thread doesn't need to be too long because a paragraph that consist of specific and interesting details is enough to make a healthy discussions in the forum.
Make sure that it will help in nurturing once curiosity over a topic, you will always need to have an interaction in a forum for it work. Make sure that the thread that you will make will help you and the other people to answer a certain question.
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Nice information guys. Really appreciate it, thanks.
Forums are basically all about posting questions, articles, discussion, through forum you can easily gain knowledge.
You are saying a statement which we already know.
When I owned a forum (some six or seven years ago), I found that never ending threads worked best. Those types that go way off topic. The forum members really enjoyed being able to free-range with a chat. And, at the end of the day, all that content was good for on page SEO, way more so than adding a chat-box on site. This might not be the typical 'tutorials' that people are searching online, but it can produce good quality content if you are sure to steer the conversation in the direction (or topic) you want it to go to.

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