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Getting maximum CTR from emails
How can I get maximum CTR from my email campaigns?? I have using email campaigns but the CTR percentage is too low (below 1%). So, if anybody provide me some advices then it will be really helpful to grow my business.
Maximum CTR you can get only if you trigger the emotion of your email client. This can be done by invoking curiosity, luring them for amazing free product or free service, keeping in mind what they need right now and providing them their desired elements, providing them proof of your trust score etc. But always remember that don't make any false statement which can't keep in order to increase CTR. This will effect negatively your business.
There are couple of factors that should be kept in mind in order to get high CTR rates for your email campaigns:

- Emails must not be to long.
- Short, simple and to point emails are always good.
- An easy call to action process.
- If contains images then they should be optimized and able to open in all kind of devices.
- Attractive luring content along with good headline.
Following are the ways by which you can get maximum CTR
-Send right message to the right person at a right time
-Use of dynamic content
-Use one click to action-button
-Personalization to make your reader feel special
-Contact to only your subscribers
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