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Can I upload lists to Adwords?
We have several lists generated from various marketing campaigns such as talk shows, fairs etc. Now in order to retarget those audience I need to upload the lists to my present and new ad campaigns of adwords and other networks. Is this can be done. I hope this explains my query.
You can upload. But you cannot use them in display marketing campaigns.

Other than that you can do almost anything.
No , I am not considering Display ads right now.

I am currently looking into Video remarketing campaigns. Okay, how is fb ads and Youtibe ads compared to adwords? Can they serve as an alternative to display ads of adwords?
Not as good as adwords but if you have low budget and want some exposure then they definitely serve the purpose.
I just want some exposure. You know to let them know that they will be hearing from us.
(03-07-2019, 08:05 AM)bsystems Wrote: I just want some exposure. You know to let them know that they will be hearing from us.

Go with Facebook ads then. Its cheap, reliable and also you don't need much experience to run the campaigns.
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Thanks, I am looking into them.
Every ad network more or less gives this facility.

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