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Forum SEO
You guys will be asking yourself this question 'Why SEO for Forum? Users will come directly'. Yeah that's true but it will only happen if you are a big board or the only single biggest forum in your niche.
Search Engine Optimization may be hard for a forum but if you do it the right way then it will be tremendously advantageous for your board. You will ask 'How?', the answer is that it will send fresh traffic to your site which will actually lead your forum to grow and expand eventually. A few simple steps of SEO along with your day to day updating content can make your board a huge one.

Step 1: Add Title, Meta & keywords option - Many of the forum softwares they does not have any particular option for posting SEO Title, Meta Description and tagged keywords in them in each post. You should add them, it will only take a plugin/extension or mod to do this. In this way your users will be able to add title, meta description and keywords which will eventually help you when this posts are shown in the SERP's.

Step 2: Bot accessibility - Make sure that your each and every forum is well bot accessible. Every forum has option in their respective admin panels where you can manage the accessibility and permissions of members and also Search Spiders, take a look at it and make it bot friendly.

Step 3: Search Engine Submission - Every now and then I encounter this question that 'Forums are always self sustainable for search engines then why we should submit it additionally??'. Yeah that may be true but it is always better to build a prior concrete structure of your site, so when search engine bots came to visit your site they didn't have to wait to find which page to index or not. And this concrete structure can be build by submitting your 'sitemap' to the Search Engines through webmasters tools.
Step 4: Content - When it comes to forum content 'the more the merrier'. Search Engines just love those forums which have good and myriad content. They get crawled and indexed faster. So, this fact does not mean that you can build irrelevant and poor quality content, you have to build quality content which worth to your visitors and members.

Step 5: Build links for entire forum - In order to get high position in the SERP's you must build quality links. When building links just not only build for your root directory of your forum but also to the different categories and sub-forums. It will increase the overall domain authority of your site.

Step 6: Site Structure - Site structure of your forum also depends when it comes to Forum SEO. Make sure your navigation is very good. Links between sub-forums and different categories has to be very good. Any kind crawling error or redirect can hurt your forum.
Step 7: Share & Submit- Forum are dynamic sites so they do not comes to recognition of the search engines for SERP even if your some urls have got indexed. You have to make Search Engines feel that your forum is getting popular. Share it through different social media networks. Post topic in groups of linkedin and facebook, and link them back to your forum topics. Submit your urls in different social bookmarking sites. Here is a list of links: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=59&t=740</a><!-- l -->

Step 8: Making content unique- Make your forum content unique by filling out the content gaps in your niche. If you see an uncovered find in you niche then dedicate an entire sub-forum to it. I know that it will very hard to make the first 20 or 50 posts but if you are able to do it then it will uniquely recognize your forum in the eyes of the search engines.
I think that site's navigation is also an issue for SEO as of like blog. I see plenty of forums which have so much graphics in them that they are failing to retrieve their visitors as potential members. Yeah, obvious a professional design along with unique structure is always good but the site navigation is also has to be very simple. So, who is not using any fast internet can also navigate the site easily along with mobile optimization.
Forum and SEO are in different field because this kind of active online community is not for backlinking purposes just like the spammers do in most of the forum sites.
Nice post. Thanks for sharing.
Nice post. Thanks for sharing.
Very informative post mate. Thanks.
Forum post in seo is basically promote business on relevant forum sites.
The forum is in a different field because this kind of active online community is not for backlinking purposes just like the spammers do in most of the forum sites.

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