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From where do you get inspirations for Domain name ideas ?
Share your thoughts !!
It really depends on the situation.

I don't see anything or watch to get ideas. I follow my day to day life and ideas come to me just like that. I don't follow any procedures to get them.

As, I said it depends on the situation and also the state of mind. One day I got three hot name ideas by watching news and some other days I do not. Sometime, I get ideas by watching a game or just driving.
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Some of my ideas are from expired domains.

Although an idea of domain name can come out of nowhere.

Whenever any name or something hits you as interesting, write it down in your notepad or something. Later think about it while you have time. If you follow any definite procedures to get ideas then you might turn out repeating your own ideas.
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Be as you like and let it come to you. And to get ideas for any specific topic look for its problems and shortcomings.
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I just search for related keyword or keywords which are adjacent. TongueWink
Once you sort out your problems and passions, it shall come naturally. However, for small ideas look for adjacent keywords or public places such as reddit.

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