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Traffic from AOL
How to get more and more traffic from AOL? There traffic is good as compared to google, in terms of engagement. So, I was thinking if I can increase it.
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One thing I am sure about aol is that its like Bing. they doesn't give much attention to other factors than content. So, build more and more useful & unique content.
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Focus on content and quality backlinks. Its the only option. But don't think that you will get traffic overnight as it is a much small search engine as compared to Google and Bing so it will take time.
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Why are you targeting AOL anyway? Instead you can get tons of traffic from Google and Bing.
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Focus on content that's it.
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anush Wrote:Focus on content that's it.
Yeah its true.
But quality links also get counted as I said earlier.
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Traffic from AOL is great, as it is low
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Quality backlinks from high authority pages also gets counted when it comes to AOL.
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