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Yahoo and Bing bots are crawling very slowly
Yahoo and Bing bots are crawling my bots very slowly. What should I do?
Fetch them manually through Bing Webmasters Tool. It should fasten the process a bit.
Get quality links also. The more you have links to your content the faster you will get crawled and ranked.
They are much less big than google so they will crawl any site slowly its obvious. If you want them fast then create as much as useful and unique content along with quality backlinks linking to the posts.
Yes, if you find it slow, fetch it in Bing webmaster tool
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alex31 Wrote:Yahoo and Bing bots are crawling my bots very slowly. What should I do?

The reason is your site is not performing well in the web and I would suggest to update your website pages to tell the search engines that your site is updating its pages.
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